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Radio Interview:

  • Madeline Bailey's interview with David Holland of Real Money

    David and Madeline discussed the players in the world of accounting, considerations in managing them, especially tax professionals, and what is the job of the owner of a privately held business in terms of accounting? Hope you enjoy!

Youtube Debut:

  • Madeline Bailey is interviewed by Philippe Matthews of the Philippe Matthews Show on "Empowering Teens and Young Adults with Radically Simple Accounting" Book

    He recently rated Radically Simple Accounting as one of Phillipe's BEST!"

Press Releases:

Past News & Events:

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  • "Making Peace with Your Finances , with Radically Simple Accounting"
    East West Bookstore, 2.4.2012
    6500 Roosevelt Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98115

    "You helped me make peace with my finances by showing me the value and importance of having an accounting system to track income and expenses. To learn where I spend my money, I'm going to get a portable file box and make folders that work for me. I like the encouragement to create some additional sources of income. And I really appreciate your gracious, open, personal style."

    Participant, East West Bookstore Event

  • "QuickBooks Accounting for Real Estate Investors"
    REIA of Washington, Bellevue, WA, 7.2010

    "It's so refreshing to have a speaker who's not
    giving a sales pitch."

    Participant, REIA Event

  •  “Start-up Steps”,
    Ladies Who Launch Organization, 7.2009

    You have a fabulous product and great anecdotes to share.”
    Linda Synder, Executive Director, Western WA

  • Teaching Accounting to Non-Accountants”,
    Scaling New Heights,
    Intuit Seminar for Advanced QuickBooks Consultants,
    Atlanta, GA, 5.2009

  •  “Radical Accounting Presentation”,
    BizJam, Seattle, WA, 6.2007

    The Seattle networking event
    for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

    I am so excited about Madeline's book, Radical Accounting. I've read it cover to cover twice, marking it up with stickies and margin notes, and had it open on my lap when I sat down in front of a brand new QB account to create my Chart of Accounts from scratch. The day it all clicked - when I finally got it - when the P&L became clear and it all made sense - I was jumping up and down. I've been self employed for 8 years and until I read her book I thought my Chart of Accounts was just something I kept for my tax preparer so she'd know how much to deduct from my Schedule C. I wanted to understand more about how the finances affect my businesses, but I didn't know where to go to learn. Now I recommend it to everyone who runs his or her own business. It's concise, to the point, and puts all the pieces together. THANK YOU for such an awesome resource and for explaining it so clearly. .”

    Lara Eve Feltin, Founder,

  • "Getting Paid", NW Women's Journal, 5.2007

  • "Resource of the Month—Radical Accounting"
    Sage Corp Newsletter, Focused on Partner Success

    Sage publishes the following software, and more: ACT!, MAS 90, Saleslogix, and MIP Fund Accounting, 1/2007

  • Intuit ProConnection Newsletter
    QuickBooks ProAdvisor Reaches Small Business with the Power of the Press

    Intuit ProAdvisor Newsletter Announces Book Release, 5/2006

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