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QuickBooks Software, & Supplies

Here at QC Computing, we support all years, all versions, and all editions of QuickBooks Desktop and QB Online. In addition to helping you select QuickBooks software at the best possible price, we also want to share with you top products, services, and supplies for peak business functionality. Every thing on this page has been tested and given an A++. To purchase any of them, just Click on the link, or contact us.



QuickBooks Enterprise Version: Multi-User, High-Level, Desktop or Hosted

Madeline is QuickBooks Enterprise Certified. If you're interested in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for 5-30 users, we can sell you the software at a discount, add on Right Networks hosting for anywhere access, install the software across your network, setup users, and support the product. You'll have a much better experience and get a better price than you would on your own. Boost QuickBooks productivity across your organization with this awesome software.



QuickBooks Desktop Premier Software:

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Software

Click here or on above logo to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Premier. You can buy this software at the Intuit website, or via Amazon. We're sending you to Amazon because clients seem to prefer the cheaper price. Note that Intuit's return policy is better. QuickBooks Premier includes one general and five industry-specific editions: General Business Edition, 1). Contractor's Edition, 2). Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition, 3). Non-Profit Edition, 4). Professional Services Edition, and 5). Retail Edition. We would be happy to consult with you on which software would be best for your business?



QuickBooks Pro Software:

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Software

Click here or on above logo to purchase QuickBooks Desktop Pro. QuickBooks Pro is ideal for most small businesses. The primary reason people select the more expensive QB Premier version is for job costing. We are always happy to consult with you on which software will be best for your business.



QuickBooks Online Software Subscription:

Click here or on the above logo to purchase QuickBooks Online Software Subscription with real time, anywhere access. Because there are multiple versions, this link goes to the comparison chart. Note the price is discounted for the first few months ONLY, after that you'll pay full cost for each database for the rest of your life, plus Intuit keeps raising the prices. We train and support all versions of QuickBooks Online. We are always happy to consult with you on which software will be best for your business.



QuickBooks for the Mac

QuickBooks Mac Software

Click here or on the above logo to purchase QuickBooks for the Mac. Madeline owns a MacBook Air (her travel computer) and supports QuickBooks for the Mac.



Intuit Merchant Account: Accept Credit Cards:

Click here or on the above logo to accept credit cards from customers, plus integrate the processing inside QuickBooks Receive Payments. Or contact anyone at QC Computing.

Either way, you'll be referred to the top Intuit merchant account salesrep, Rodney Baker, who works directly with our clients.
So far he has saved every client money on their merchant processing!

To prove it, he can do an analysis on your existing merchant services plan. So far, he's been able to save everyone money, even people with existing Intuit merchant accounts. And if you ever need help with merchant account problem-solving, Rodney is an Intuit insider, which can be invaluable to you in the future.


Gusto Payroll - Full Service, Online, Accurate

Gusto Payroll

Click here or on above logo to sign up for Gusto Full Service Payroll. While we suport and trouble shoot Intuit Payroll, we recommend you move to Gusto payroll. It's similar to ADP, and Paychex, only half the cost, plus you have full control. Signup via QC Computing and you will get help to move your payroll from wherever it is now to Gusto at no charge. Tech support with Gusto is free, and quite good, but if you ever need VIP tech support, QC Computing can offer you that too. For more information on why we recommend Gusto check out Madeline's Blog Post on "Why ZenPayroll (now Gusto)".



QuickBooks Forms: Checks, Year-end 1099, and W2 Forms:

Click here to purchase Intuit checks and forms. If Madeline is at your office, she will offer you a 20% discount on ordering Intuit Checks. The deadline for sending W-2's to employees and 1099's to subcontractors is Jan 31st. Our consulting and bookkeeping services can make year-end processing a breeze.



QuickBooks Hosting - Swizznet

Click here Swizznet, an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting provider and a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, offers hosting solutions that empower accountants and businesses to free themselves from in-house infrastructure and IT headaches so that they can connect and collaborate from any computer or device. Swizznet offers an on-demand Marketplace and uses the latest cloud computing technology and tools to provide the fastest, most reliable cloud access to QuickBooks desktop applications and the ultimate cloud accounting solution..



Quicken Software for Investments

Quicken Software

Click here to buy Quicken Software for tracking Stock Market Investments. Track your buisness and property rental information with QuickBooks, but if you have stock market investments you'll want to track them with Quicken.



Bluetooth Headset

AIKELA Trucker Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Click here to buy a headset that will give you excellent hands-free reception with a cell phone. It's been proven over and over again that headsets improve office productivity by up to 40%. Once you try a headset you will never go back. Using a headset is how we at QC Computing can be good listeners, and take notes at the same time, when you call us.