Why Radically Simple Accounting ?

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For centuries, accounting has been taught on the basis of debits and credits. The problem with learning accounting that way is that very successful business people who took accounting classes (and mastered debits and credits) find themselves at a loss when it comes to setting up their own accounting software system.

'Radical' is defined as proceeding from the root; marked by a sharp departure from the usual or traditional. Radically Simple Accounting introduces a new approach to accounting that's amazingly simple. By shifting your attention from debits and credits to your business model, I engage your attention in something that interests you. If there's one thing that interests you, it's your money!

In the past, some accountants acted as authorities, handing down edicts and charts of accounts. Radically Simple Accounting levels the playing field. You join forces with this book for the purpose of translating your way of doing business into a meaningful accounting system. After all, who knows better than you do, how you handle your money?

Along the way, you'll gain familiarity with accounting, finance and business terminology, so that you'll feel comfortable participating in financial conversations and making decisions. It's empowering!

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